Welcome to the Sustainable Ethical Fashion Hub: 

The Sustainable Ethical Fashion Hub drives the sustainable 

ethical fashion market with private companies voluntarily participating in human resource development, start-up support, marketing, etc.


SEF in the DDP design market that brings together products 

from various sustainable ethical fashion brands.

Sustainable brand

Environmental Sustainability

All parts related to the material of the product and the manufacture of the product are eco-friendly for a beneficial effect on the environment and society.


We expect businesses to undertake due diligence to avoid harming human rights and to address any adverse impacts on human rights that may be related to their activities.

지속가능한 브랜드


지구환경과 사회를 위해 제품 소재 및 제품 생산에 관련된 모든 부분에서 환경을 생각합니다.


노동자가 존중받는 환경을 위해 노력하며, 나은 세상을 위한 수익금 일부 기부, 사회적 취약계층을 위한 다양한 활동

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